Busting the Slump: Drink Up!

Hey ya'll!
Today's January Slump Buster (ha) is brought to you by my Husband.


We are in no way suggesting that alcohol is the cure for seasonal depression, but a warm, festive, spiked bev served in your favorite mug can only bring cheer, right?
Justin loves to make a huge batch of this on the stove any time that we have people over during the Holidays or winter months. It's super easy to put together and can sit either on a warm stove or in a crock pot forever.

So, here's how Justin whips it up:
Warm the cider - we are really committed to the Trader Joe's cider pictured above but word to the wise: it's a seasonal item so if you love it, stock up.
Add your preferred amount of Captain Morgan's
Let everything warm up together.

Pour into a mug…but leave some room at the top
and now for Justin's favorite part:
Add the "topper"
Pour maybe a shot's worth of the Tennessee Winter Jack to the top of the mug. It is so smooth and only adds a hint of flavor - and doesn't have a weird alcohol taste.

High five your friends for serving the best warm cider ever.

Note: we've found that telling our female friends that the cider has a healthy dose of Captain Morgan's tends to make them hesitant to try a mug. I don't care for the taste of Captain either, but in this cider you absolutely cannot taste the alcohol. Justin makes everyone try a sip if they are unsure and we've yet to have someone turn down an entire mug!

I know many of you Southerners are experiencing an extreme cold snap (or what we here in Maine call "fall") so wouldn't it be fun to put a pot of this on the stove tonight and kick back in warm fuzzy socks and your best leggings?
Happy drinking!


  1. I love TJ's spiced cider and it lasts so freaking long! I don't think my bottle that I bought in October expires till 2015! My hubby made me concoction like this for me a while back and it was de-licious!

  2. Sounds so good! Just the thing for these freezing cold New England nights! - M

  3. ohhh sounds good and easy! this will help us thaw out this weekend in PA